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There's a web of dreams that linger, all down the avenue
Your faithlessness was weary, i could hear it when i talked to you
You let me in your castle and you told me i could call it home
I can't seem to stop myself from reachin for the telephone

Yeah the news came down the line....all the way from Michigan
Said you were gone for good never to be returning
I can't believe its true....can't believe its over
Who in the world ever finds a five leaf clover

The silence seemed to scatter, you tilt you head back with a knowing smile
Of all the things that mattered, was at least we had you for a while
Everythings ephemeral, Everything will come and go
And the loneliness around here is the only thing that seems to grow

The news came down the line, all the way from Michigan
Saying you were gone for good, never to be returning
I can't believe its true, I can't believe its over
Only you would ever find a five leaf clover

Hang a cloak on the stars tonight
Please turn off the crescent moon
Put a candle in the window
and tell me you'll be coming soon
Dry the tears that fall and catch the words of love you speak
I still got the love you gave, with the memory i'll forever keep