1. God Help Us

From the recordings Out From Under and Out From Under

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It's 11:58
I hate to say it
You've been on my mind
I need someone to understand
To take the wings I have
Give them flight
Stretched out in front of me
I see such pain and misery
And helplessness
The shackles of your shame
They hang there like a chain
Across your chest

God help us
For we know not what we do or say
God help us
Why are you always so far away
If it's true, then will you say
That help is on the way

I drift in and out
Like a feather blown about by the wind
Hanging like a cloud
There's a shroud of my doubt and my sin
With all this suffering
It's hard to believe in anything at all

So farewell ye pale moon
I can hear a nightingale's tune
In my head
I'm not sure what we're doing
But it feels there's trouble brewing
Up ahead
We're on the road to ruin
Yet I can feel you in my room by my side
For in the darkest hours
Such bitter flowers are all you will find

God help us
Just who the hell do you think you are
God help us
Are you the wound or just the scar
God help us
For we know not what we say or do
God help us
Why on earth should I believe in you
If it's true, we're going home
But in this life we're on our own....