1. Sideways

From the recordings Out From Under and Out From Under

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Beyond the night's majestic longing
Caught somewhere in between
The man I really am and the man I try to be
Between the things I've wanted
And the things I really need
Something sent me sideways
As I fell into a dream

Something sent me sideways
As I fell into a trance
One hand was pointing to the sky
The other, down your pants
Funny things will happen
When they start out with a glance
Something sent me sideways
What happened to romance?

Somewhere South of Church Street
I heard someone call my name
I turned to see an empty street
and it struck me rather strange
I came across a beggar
Who asked me for social change....hell yeah

Esmeralda knew my story
And was stunned that I'm still here
Near misses, faded glory
I'm Van Gogh's missing ear
I'm black, I'm white
I'm wrong, I'm right
I'm straight and I am queer
Something sent me sideways
Thinking of King Lear

Crazy Kate was off her meds
She wasn't making any sense
Was a year, since Turk left town
It was no coincidence...
That she'd gone through many lovers
And every last line of defense
Something sent me sideways
When I saw bloodstains on her dress

So many towns and misfit clowns
One man, solo shows
Whiskey bars and rental cars
With a runny cocaine nose
Bobby said the answers are
In the wind that blows
Call me Ishmael

The bums they were bartering
Before they headed home
Down on Lower Wacker
Where no one would hear them moan
Skid Row ain't what it used to be
My uncle died there alone
Something sent me sideways
They said "Boy, Welcome Home!"

Depression comes in many forms
Wears many a mask
It will always come to find you
You don't ever have to ask
It comes in pills and powders
They serve it in a glass
Something sent me sideways
It knocked me on my ass

Lady Godiva screamed
"Everything seems so insane"
Just as I saw a riderless horse
Canter down the lane
Past Einstein and Fellini
Who were discussing phantom pain
With Stephen King

The executioner was smoking
Waiting for guests to arrive
He seemed a little put out
He had shark like, deathly eyes
The pontiff was telling jokes
To all the harlots in disguise
Something sent me sideways
Welcome to Paradise

They say there is no right or wrong
There's no good, nor bad
You live between the things you got
And the things you never had
My bags are packed, I ain't coming back
Can I get an Amen?

Something sent me sideways
The way it always seem to do
When you don't feel much like talking
And you're feeling a little blue
From Gethsemane to Willow Springs
To Eastern Timbuktu
Something sent me sideways
Babe, I'm coming,
I'm coming home to you