1. Cal-Sag Road

From the recordings Out From Under and Out From Under

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I'd had a day from hell
It wouldn't be my first
I'd have crawled back in my shell
But I was dying there of thirst
Was in need of some music
In need of a friend
In need of gettin' drunk again

So I pulled over
At the first place I saw
The sun was goin' down
I felt like breaking every law
I laughed at myself
Down the stairs I did descend
I knew I'd be gettin' drunk again

The place was pretty empty
But me, I didn't care
There were two girls down the bar
They were giving me a stare
One said her name was Rita
The others name was Gwen
They were gettin' drunk again

So I asked them what was up
They started laughing some
They asked me if I wanted
Any Captain Morgan Rum
So I ordered me a whiskey
Pulled a stool up next to them
We started gettin' drunk again

They were passing through
On their way out west
Gwen went to the jukebox
Rita showed me her right breast
I told her I was someone that
She never could offend
While we were gettin' drunk again

They both asked me
To come back to their hotel
I said "You're both just teases,
I can always tell."
They assured me that they weren't
So i said " Ok when?"
While we were gettin' drunk again

Now, back at the hotel
Things started out alright
Things got pretty hazy
I remember a fight
Rita was dead in the bathtub
I must have strangled Gwen
While we were gettin' drunk again

I took their bodies to the reservoir
At the Cal-Sag Road
I punctured their lungs
So the bodies wouldn't float
I won't say which way I went
But you won't see me again
Unless I'm gettin' drunk again
Unless I'm gettin' drunk again
I'll be gettin' drunk again